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PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

Week 3Chapter 3 Genetics Lecture Key terms and issues o WatsonCrick 1953 o Geneschromosomes o Allelesalt alleles T vs t o Mutations o Genotype vs phenotype o Lamarack o Obligate vs facultative o Epigenetics o Heterozygotic superiority Ss vs SS or ss o Frequencydependent selection o Variation alt alleles are necessary for natural selection o Polygenic traits o Sexual reproduction o Cloningasexual reproductiono Extraordinary that Darwin got as far as he did without knowing anything about genetics o Mendels research was unrecognized and not replicated until 30 years after his initial research Structure of DNA and its role in coding genetic material is very recent research o Watson and Crick 1953double helix structure o Darwin knew that mutations existed obviously necessary for natural selection but didnt know where it came from o Genes are linked together into chromosomes o All genes have an address o Any gene of yours was present in either your mother or father and has a 50 chance of showing up in your children o Alternate allelesBlood typeWhy do alt alleles still existWhy is their still competition o How do mutations occurCopying err
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