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University of Guelph
PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

PSYC 3100 – Week 7 Lecture 12 – October 22, 2012 - Lecture 13 – October 24, 2012 Finish Chapter 8 - Animals do it all through extinct, and we are all higher than that is NONSENSE - If you made a list of what makes us special – 1 thing (most likely at the top) would be language o What better instinct is language? We become pre-equipped to learning language without doing anything.  What would it take for a human not to learn language? Isn’t a whole lot you can do.  Even if there is a boy raised by chipmunks, he will still develop some kind of language  Very hard for humans not to learn language - instincts crying to express themselves o If you try to learn a language post puberty – when all language mechanisms are shut down, it will be tough because you are getting other modules that are not designed to stand in and do that job - You are going to retain your accent – what accent? I speak English, this is Canada, what accent? o When you go around speaking English to other native English speakers, you will notice an accent - English is one of only languages to have phoneme “th” (this, that, etc.) “dis” and “dat” in other languages - Language obviously grammar – “learn” grammar without instruction, deep structure, universal practice o Textbook – “your high school English teach was trying to make you think consciously about rules that you follow unconsciously, even as a young child” Chapter 9 – Individuality: Intelligence and Personality - When you see someone with really good personality  they’ll get far - When you see someone with really shitty personality  he’s a jerk, etc. - Why doesn’t everyone have the best? o 1 answer – both personality and intelligence are polygenic traits, many genes contribute to the making of, distributions around the optimal value o Ideas like intelligence and personality are really metaphors, not things, things are stuff like brown hair, blue eyes, etc.
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