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University of Guelph
PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

PSYC 3100 – Week 10 Lecture 17 – November 12 Chapter 11 – Abnormal Behaviour Histrionic Personality Disorder – characterized by exaggerated attention-seeking behaviour, sexually inappropriate, seductive or provocative behaviour, tendency to be easily influenced by others, perceive relationship to be more intimate than they really are. - Females counter part of sociopathic men - Because reproduction of M+F differ, expect core differences in sociopathic males and histrionic females differ accordingly o M sociopath – adept at seducing F and deceiving of extent of commitment - going to give impression of much more involved and intimate than he is, b/c it pays off – “oh you need me, this is good”  Charming, charismatic, promiscuous, deceitful o F histrionic – need for M and vulnerability in order to induce in lavish love and attention upon him – “oh darling, I need you so much”. Abandon offspring opportunistically, former mating partners/close kin stuck with job of raising kids that she abandoned  Seek to control partner through emotional manipulation Borderline Personality Disorder – brutal! BPD characterized by pattern of unstable interpersonal relationships where significant others are alternatively, unrealistically, idealized then just as unrealistically trashed. - Engage in reckless risky behaviour (binge eating/drug use, gambling, unprotected sex), frantic and angry with even brief periods of separation, serious attachment to parent as a child - Harbour great deal of misery and destruction of self and others around them Why didn’t natural selection get rid of thes
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