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PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

Lecture Notes – Wednesday November 14 2012 th Continuation of chapter 11 - Histrionic Personality disorder is the female equivalent of a sociopath o Exaggerated attention seeking behaviour o Sexually provocative o Easily influenced o Perceive relationships to be more intimate - Cheating strategies must be different among sexes o Guys: act more committed than they are and it pays off for them o Girls: use the “I need you so much strategy” and keep boys enthused by their need - Histrionic females will abandon offspring voluntary to other family members who will be manipulated into being stuck raising the children - Histrionic females manipulate others to gain nurturance for themselves - Borderline Personality Disorder o Pattern unstable interpersonal relationships o They idolize their relationship, take it over the top to a “wow” factor – too much too soon then unrealistically trash it at the sign of any different o Have an intense fear of abandonment o Have insecure parental attachments that stem from childhood o Each new encounter they get into they have a gross idolization that may occur by even the second time meeting that person o These individuals harbour a great deal of misery and self destruction - Some ask “Why wasn’t this stuff weeded out by Natural Selection?” this is because natural selection is not looking for perfection and does not have an agenda - As a society we have removed selection pressure and this lets a lot of heritable crap through the system which therefore lets bad phenotypes exist - The statistics on autism conclude that it occurs in 1 out of 80 people Chapter 12- Mating - In our generation there is a big difference between sex and reproduction – this has never existed before - 2 main questions: What attracts you to the partners you choose? And What accounts for the massive and reliable sex differences in mating strategies? - Clark Hatfield 1989- males and females approached by other strangers of the opposite sex, a brief conversation occurred then the stranger asked the participant one of three questions: o Would you go out with me? o Want to come up to my apartment? o Want to spend the night with me? ( go to bed with me?) - Male’s and female’s did not respond the same, males always had a higher percentage of answering yes, particularly to the third question - The sex that puts more time into the offspring can be more selective about mating - Women’s reproductive capacity is limited by physiology – it takes time to have offspring and regenerate - Men’s reproductive capacity is limited by women otherwise they are always ready to go - Gay men have 100’s to thousands of potential partners - Some men indulge in parenting which slows down their reproductive rate - In a perfect monogamist system, reproductive rates between men and women are the same - Monogamy is recent- in terms of evoluti
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