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Lecture 20 Finish chapter 12 Can a man detect when a female is ovulating?  Seems that female humans have cryptic ovulation o Cryptic ovulation in human females may be one of the reasons that monogamy evolved  May be why men want to “keep trying” – “have a lot of sex”  The rhythm method is notoriously ineffective  One of the reasons is that the female cycle is not consistent  There is an undercurrent of suggestion that men can tell when a women is ovulating  Women who don’t want babies, are sterilized, or on IUD o 25% more likely to have sex when they are most fertile  Possibly desire more during this time  Possibly partners desire them more – temporary changes in waist-to-hip ratio  Even when steps are taken to avoid conception, it’s as if nature is still lobbying for success  Also possible that women can detect when they are ovulating and send out more signals  Even if ovulation is cryptic to men, they can detect sexual signals  Study on table dancers who make the majority of their money via tips o Neither ovulating, nor menstruating - $50/tips o Menstruating - $15/hour o Ovulating - $75/hour o Why?  Is it a pheromone that guys get, but can’t describe?  Some men swear this  Human male detecting female rabbit’s pheromone  Male rhesus monkey detecting that a human female is menstruating  Dormitory effect o Women living together in proximity – menstrual synchronicity occurs o Could result in synchronous births  Could be a good idea if one of the mothers were to pass away  That way the baby can be around lactating women  Conception is the goal – if there is a goal o Avoidance of pregnancy and pleasure is not the goal of a mating strategy Short-term sexual strategy  Costs to following this o STI’s  The likelihood of an STI increases as a function of the number of partners  Fertility goes way down, infant mortality goes way up o Reputation  If you are living in a small social group, your reputation tends to be everything  Having a bad reputation is going to have an impact on both your short and long-term sexual partners  In turn will affect your success rate o If you spread your resources too thin, the whole thing was for not  You don’t have enough resources to help  Can’t count on your partner to do all of the work o Violence from jealous husbands/boyfriends  Very real and measurable effect  Get you hurt or killed o Violence from fathers or brothers (nuclear family)  “shotgun weddings”  You had your fun, now marry her o Retaliatory affairs by your partner(s)  Or a costly divorce  Ron Immerman o Studies have demonstrated that STI’s are behind monogamy o Been a powerful force pushing human evolution in the direction of monogamy, or at least made this the norm o Ancient STI’s – go back to the Pleistocene o ~150 years ago, doctors were the vectors for a lot of diseases  We did not know well enough to wash our hands – didn’t know about germs o AIDS
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