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PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

Evolutionary Psychology – Monday, November 12 , 2012 th Chapter 11 continued (Abnormal Behaviour) Histrionic Personality Disorder - Sociopaths are almost all males; females have what is called histrionic personality disorder (HPD) - HPD is characterized by attention seeking behaviour, easily influenced by others, perceive intimate situations to be more meaningful then they really are - These females are good at deceiving vulnerability to get what they desire (i.e.: “ooo I need you so much, I can’t live without you”) - They mask their true promiscuous nature and manipulate others to gain nurturance - Males (sociopaths) take a route of deception in which they fake commitment to others Borderline Personality Disorder - Characterized by a pattern of unstable personal relationships - Reckless destructive behaviour, intense fear of abandonment, and a history of a lack of parental involvement - Each time they meet someone new as a potential partner, they think that this individual is the “one”. They quickly realize that they are not the “one” and start self-destructive behaviours - These individuals harbor a great deal of misery to themselves and those around them - Due to the fact that we have recently as a species, removed selection pressures, it is no surprise that these pathological disorders still common and exist today - Perhaps, certain qualities that are on the genome within these disorders are adaptive in some way and that is how they have stayed around (this is up for debate) Chapter 12 (Mating Behaviours) - “Nowhere do people have an equal desire for all members of the opposite sex” - We tend to look for mates who have great assets to help us thrive and survive (we are the descendents of winners) - We should have cues as to whether potential mates are worth our time or not - We have a clear distinction between sex and mating today
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