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PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

Evolutionary Psych Lecture 13 Lecture: - The first class of bestselling drugs is cholesterol drugs o That shows our diet and bodies are messed up o We don’t have to go far for junk food, and there’s a lot out there - We take so much medication to try and fix this - In the Pleistocene this didn’t exist o Our bodies are suited for then - The second class is drugs for ulcers o Ulcers are caused from stress o We are clearly more stressed today o Although it seems that we had more reasons to be stressed in the Pleistocene - The third class is drugs to deal with depression - The fourth category is allergy drugs - It doesn’t seem that there’s a good match between today and the Pleistocene - Somewhere along the line, food got more plentiful, sweet and fatty - We can’t say no to this - We are being manipulated by food manufacturers because they exploit this need Bacteria: - When you look at the organisms that try and kill us/make us sick says a lot about adaptations - Bacteria release their toxins once an abundance of bacteria have grouped together - They won’t waste their toxins by expelling when there are only a few - They do it all at once so they can really hurt you - That’s how successful they are - These strategies have been evolved by natural selection - There is a dilemma here if you believe in intelligent design - Did god create evil bacteria’s? - Is intelligent design only for good things? o Something that we do inadvertently helps the pathogens negatively affect us o We harm ourselves by trying to fight these things with medication, etc.  Things like coughs and itches exist because they are adaptive o The pathogen needs you to stay alive so it can get into the next generation - Rhinovirus produces conditions that allow itself to move from
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