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Lecture 11

PSYC 3100 Lecture 11: Lecture 11 Notes

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PSYC 3100
Pat Barclay

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Friday, October 6, 2017
Non-Kin Cooperation 2
Simplifications of Prisoners Dilemma
-what if you can leave a partner
-Predict their choice
-Communication - gossip , intention
-different values of T, R, P, S
How to resolve?
Non-Binary decisions
-how much do you help ..not do you help or not
-Raise the Stakes strategy- starts out cooperative , it partner matches it, they will
raise the stakes and escalates cooperation to see if partner will keep up
Scale of competition
-LOCAL comp- you are competing against ppl you are interacting with and most of the
competition is against your partner
-zero sum, you don't want them to look better, less willing to cooperate (bell curve)
-GLOBAL comp- competing against many others
-non zero sum- win win
Willingness to harm - Do i want to pay 1$ to make them lose $4?
-found people burnt almost four times as much money under local competition
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