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Lecture 6

PSYC 3100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Carl Zimmer, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Phineas Gage

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PSYC 3100
Pat Barclay

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Lecture 6
Con’t of Adaptation and Kinship
Byproduct (side effect, spandrel)
- Blood red= hemoglobin oxygen
- When we exhale we pump out carbon dioxide (good for plants)
o But it is just a metabolic byproduct
It is produced because we do not want it in our body
o Behavior of masturbation = does it have an adaptive function?
Byproduct, organism has high sex drive, seek compilation, organism
finds out how to pleasure themselves
- Many traits not existing for a reason but as a byproduct for something else
- Architectural term, between arches, take spandrel and decorate it rather than
having open space
o Spandrel is there because it is a byproduct of having arches (to hold up roof),
that empty space might as well be decorated
- Bellybutton, not evolved, byproduct of umbilical cord
Malfunctioning Adaptations
- Damage
o Phineas Gage (pole or whatever through brain), survived by behavior
changed, no one asks why behavior is the way it is, it is just the way he is
because he lost a big chunk of brain
Computer drops and breaks and screen is blue, someone asks, why
would the company make this? They didn’t, you broke it.
- Manipulation
o Our brains can be manipulated by others
Incorrect information of world for their benefit, ex. Con artist
Parasitic manipulation
Parasite rex (carl zimmer) book
Parasite changes host area so that it is good for the parasite
and bad for host
Parasite goes into ant’s brain, and makes ant go to top of
blade of grass so that parasite can go from ant’s body to
sheep’s body
Parasites that need to get from fish to bird, goes into fish’s
brain and makes it turn on belly so that its reflective and bird
goes and eats fish so it can enter new host
o Host: angry, irritable, so that host bites
Sexually transmitted diseases
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