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Lecture 18

PSYC 3100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Genomic Imprinting, Gestational Diabetes, Weaning

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PSYC 3100
Pat Barclay

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Parenting 3: Family Conflict
Parent/Offspring Conflict
- Parent plant and seed attention, which means applicable in many different things
- Conflict: because not genetically identical, therefore slightly different genetic
- Sibling Rivalry: You VS Sibling: related by 0.5, But you are related to yourself by 1.0
o Therefore, you value your own welfare more
o Relatedness to your offspring, and relatedness to niece or nephew
Offspring: 0.5, 0.25 Niece/Nephew
o Parent/Conflict comes in because there is MOM! Who is related to both you
and your sibling by 0.5
This means that the parents prefers to treat offspring equally, all else
being equal
Offspring values themselves more, parent prefers to invest equally in
both children
But each child trying to claim a larger slice of pie for themselves
Not all, but they want more
Because of self-interest
EX: parent cuts pizza equally for both children, but both
children want a bigger slice
- Direct Benefit of child decreases as time (weaning) goes on and the child gets older
- Cost of delaying to future sibs/offspring increases if no benefit, and increase tie of
weaning, therefore there is a mothers desired cutoff
- Regression
Optimal investment
- Marginal benefit to focal offspring
- Opportunity cost available alternative avenues for investment
- Effect of investment on mom’s “residual” reproductive value
- Maternal age
Genomic imprinting
- Copy of a gene is turned on or off depending on which sex of parent it came from
- If you are female, when you pass it on, it will be on in your child regardless
- If you are male, it will be turned off, regardless if you are boy or girl
- Gene responsible for insulin, it’s the paternal copy that is turned on in the fetus
which attempt to raise sugar levels in the mother to get more nutrients
o Most of the placenta is coated by the paternal genome (dad genes)
Extracting recourses from wife to give to baby, mothers body resists
this to give her optimum
- When on side slips, but too much tensions
o Gestational diabetes or hypertension
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