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Lecture 13

PSYC 3110 Lecture 13: health 6.2

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PSYC 3110
Kieran O' Doherty

HealthPsychology February 16, 2017 Lay Representations of Illness We need to know about these lay representations in the public because we need to know our jumping off point, where people already are, and what we need to fix o Ie. Sexual health and HIVAIDS need to know what people already believe, what they know and dont know, how they might be perpetuating People have distrust towards experts when it comes to treatment, diagnosis, etc. because their advice contradicts their lay representations so we can focus on changing these representations so that people are more accepting to actual facts about illness Approaches to Understanding Cognitive approaches Phenomenological approaches Discursive approaches Social approaches Argument that different approaches work at different levels are complimentary o Intrapsychic (cognitive, phenomenological) stuff that goes on inside their head o Interpersonal (discursive psychology; narrative approaches) how doctors and patients interact, how the interactions lead to certain outcomes o Societal (social representations; Foucauldian analysis) how illnesses are viewed by society, Cognitive Approaches Influential model (Leventhal et al.) o When faced with a threat, individual forms a cognitive and emotional representation of the threat o Cope with threat based on the representation o Consequences of coping are evaluated and revised o Selfregulation model of illness Common Sense Model of Illness (CSM) (Lau Hartman, 1983) o An individuals illness perception has 5 dimensions: The identity of the illness: label of illness, signs, symptoms Consequences of the illness: perceived physical, social, economic, and emotional consequences of the illness, how the illness will affect the person Causes of the illness: beliefs about how you get the illness Timeline of the illness: development and duration of the illness Cure and Control of the illness: is there a cure, how can I control it, is it responsive to treatment
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