PSYC 3110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Bariatric Surgery, Human Microbiota

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Lecture 7: Food and Eating
* Today’s lecture good for essay
- The essay in many ways captures the deepest learning out of most of the course
- The essay allows you to dive into your own research and find peer reviewed work to
create a deep insightful argument
- Lecture gives you key ideas you can talk about
- You cannot reference lecture notes (have to find original reference)
- Need to read widely and deeply for argument (3 references not enough, 50 too much)
- Need to be place that you have read more than you can incorporate in your essay
Role of Food in Society
- When we think about food we are tempted to think about this in a biological way
- Food has a richer role in human society
- Food is a social activity (family meeting around table, celebrations, festivals)
- Different foods have different cultural meanings
- Over time changes in society have led to changes in consumption habits
- As health psychologists, look at connection between food trends and health outcomes
Look at extremes of eating behaviour (anorexia and bulimia, obesity)
- A lot of food debates are captured by something we say in the media a few years ago
Michelle Obama key player
Conflict with Sarah Palin, there was tension between the two
Michelle Obama was proposing a national healthy food program in schools (seems
like a good idea, but why would someone have a problem with that?)
Argument again healthy food program may be in terms of free will, less healthy foods
are cheaper
Michelle Obama (we should have a national program,)
Sarah Palin (we should not)
Sarah Palin was saying who is Michelle Obama to tell me what I should feed my kids
(telling the government it is not their business)
- Remember: Where is the role of the government? Where is the role of individual in
making healthy food choices?
Crux of the matter
Good for essay
- Can have opinion in essay, but it has to be informed opinion
- Can form position based on your work based on research and scholarly argument
Obesity in Canada
- Is obesity a problem?
In Canada we have documented a strong decline in fitness levels
Canadian children and youth obesity calculated by BMI has increased
find more resources at
find more resources at
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- There are different ways of calculating obesity (figures change depending on BMI and
body composition)
- It doesn’t matter how you measure it there is an increase in weight in the Canadian
- Why tis his is an issue and problem?
Medical issues can develop
Obesity Health Risks
- What are the risks associated with high weight?
Hypertension or high blood pressure; 
Coronary heart disease; 
Type 2 diabetes; 
Stroke; 
Gallbladder disease; 
Osteoarthritis; 
Sleep apnea and other breathing problems; 
Some cancers such as breast, colon and endometrial cancer; and 
Mental health problems, such as low self-esteem and depression. 
Obesity Trends and Prevalence
- What are some of the trends?
It is a worldwide problem
There are differences between countries and within countries
Prevalence related to lifestyle factors (individual side of argument)
Sharp increased in most places
Disease of Affluence?
- Maybe we are all just too well off
- Idea here is that food as a society has developed food that is calorie dense
- Obesity also becoming a problem in poorer countries
- In developing countries obesity more of an issue among low SES (so how can it be
about being too rich)
- If you are being restricted budget wise can’t buy quality food
Food Politics
- This has to do with larger socioeconomic factors that related to food and food problems
associated with food
• Social inequality and obesity
• Corporate agendas
Food Consumption
* Each of these bullets is referenced in the literature
find more resources at
find more resources at
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