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Lecture 2

PSYC 3300 Lecture 2: Psychology of Gender

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PSYC 3300
Paula Barata

Psychology ofGender January 18, 2017 Sex and Gender Sex: a biological label that differentiates men from women Gender: a social label that describes expectations for men and womens behaviour, appearance, roles, etc. Why was gender introduced? In 1979 by Unger We need it because: o Dissatisfied with the use of sex in sex difference research sex means different things in these articles Sometimes used as a subject variable (characteristic of an individual) Sometimes it was used as a stimulus variable (it was a manipulation, how others react to a man vs. a woman) o Assumption that if a sex difference was found it implied biological differences Using sex difference to explain (rather than describe) men and women are different in this, and biologically, so it must be due to biology o Dissatisfaction with search for difference and not for similarities Did it help? Stimulus variable research yes! By introducing gender, it encouraged seeing social differences between men and women and explore how these differences explain differences between men and women reactions Reduction of biological explanations and increase in social explanations noyes, no real reduction in biological, but more social to combat them More similarity research no, however metaanalyses show small differences and no differences (smaller effect sizes), more qualitative research, move to looking at intersectionality Terms Gender Identity o A persons deeply felt, inherent sense of being a boy, a man, or male; a girl, a woman or female; or an alternative gender Gender Expression
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