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University of Guelph
PSYC 3450
Karl Hennig

OS Chapter 12 Page 373-381 Single Living - More adults will spend more time living single than married - Single adults over 15 comprise 44% of US population - Women with higher education are more likely to marry but do so at a later age - Cohabiting women have men with similar or less education than them but married women have men with higher education than them - Collectivist culture (India, Pakistan, Thailand, - Middle East, etc) emphasize group or collective goals over individual aspirations – purpose of marriage is to unite families (arranged marriages) - Individualistic culture place importance on love - Polygamy: marriage between one man and several women Chapter 12 Sexuality During Childhood and Adolescence - Sexual eroticism develop during infancy and childhood Infant Sexuality - Capacity for sexual response is present from birth - First two years of life – girls and boys discover the pleasures of genital stimulation (usually thrusting or rubbing genital areas against object such as doll/pillow) - Vaginal lube and penile erections are often unacknowledged - Infants have been reported to have orgasms Childhood Sexuality - Data on childhood sexuality is scarce – no financial support is commonly a factor - Children deprived of ‘contact comfort’ (being touched and held) during the first months and years of life can have difficulty establishing intimate relations later in life - Mothers who described themselves as ‘relaxed’ and were okay with family nudity or bathing with their child reported higher levels of sexual activity in their children Childhood Masturbation - Natural form of sexual expression during childhood - 16% of mothers observed their 2-5 year old masturbating with their hands - 1/3 females and 2/3 males reported masturbating before adolescence - Parents fear that if they accept such behavior, their child will begin doing it in public Childhood Sex Play - Playing with opposite sex of the same age can occur as early as 2/3 years old but more likely at 4-7 - Exhibition and inspection of genitals to stimulating intercourse by rubbing genital regions together - Curiosity - At age 8/9 children tend to play with their own sex but have a romantic interest in the other sex The Physical Changes of Adolescence - Dramatic physiological change and social role development - Ages 12-20 - ‘Puberty’ from the Latin word ‘
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