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PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Exercise 8.1 to 8.7 8.1) Most people have been on school teams or community-based teams at some point in their lives and some of the students taking his course are still active participants in individual and team sports. What kind of coaching style (the hard driver, thoughtful persuader, friendly helper) do you prefer? Why? There are 3 different kinds of coaching styles, these are: the hard driver – concerned with keeping order, high discipline, and being the boss, practices are well-organized, and players are expected to be respectful and to respond without questioning instructions and directives; the thoughtful persuader – attempts to influence followers to accept his or her approach to the sport, encourages athletes to voice their viewpoints but in the end they will be persuaded to accept the game plan; and the friendly helper – tried hard not to be authoritarian but rather allows players, assistants, and other to direct and influence how practices and game plans are developed and conducted I prefer the thoughtful persuader style of coaching because it is right in the middle. Although it is stern in some ways, it also allows all of the players on the team to be involved in practices. Even though the thoughtful persuader coach will decide the game plan in the end, he or she will explain to the players why his or her strategy works, persuading the team members to follow these plans. 8.3) What would be the benefits versus liabilities of being a player coached by a charismatic team leader? Would a charismatic coach be likely to instill confidence in team members and raise their expectations for high performance? Would this approach be successful for most teams? According the course manual, there are a number of benefits and liabilities associated with being a charismatic team leader, these are: Benefits: - Provide their followers with a sense of purpose, and a plan on how to get to reach these goals - Define goals for the group in ways that giver meaning and value - Are excellent communicators, are nurturing, and practical and realistic - Able to generate high levels of devotion, loyalty, and enthusiasm for the group’s goals Liabilities: - Have an extreme need to dominate and influence others - Have strong conviction of moral righteousness of their belie
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