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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Tuesday Jan 8 2013PSYC3690 Community Mental Health Lecture 1what can we do to prevent people from experiencing serious and persistent or even passing temporary mental illness or periods of problematic functioningfield of epidemiologylooks at the factors associated with the development of mental illnesslook at risk factorsrisk processes and probable protective processeswhat keep people healthy and resilient and what increases the likelihood that we will become casualtieswhen we talk about mental health and mental illness we talk about them largely in terms of what is there that destabilizes people and why and what restores and protects people and how does it do thatshootings in Connecticut 911 these are phenomena we study in community mental healthhow are people affected by these major life events that are fairly random unpredictable and devastating floods hurricanes impact of Iraq on the soldiers suicide rates and selfinjury in the military are scarily highnot about doing therapy with people more on groups of people at risk in the community and what we can do to prevent that risk from becoming a fullblown disorderWhat is the single biggest risk factor for the completion of suicideavailability of firearmsWhat percent of the population walking around in the community do you think could be diagnosed with true clinical depression in North America 1416Questions1What makes people become mentally ill2How would you define mental health What are the hallmarkssigns of mental healthThursday Jan 10 2013Community Mental Health Lecture 2
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