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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 PSYC*3690 Community Mental Health Lecture #16 Coping Strategies - venting - talk it out/emotional catharsis, cry - relaxation e.g. exercise, massage, sex - self-medicating - develop a better strategy for the future - sleep to escape - forget about it - redouble my efforts - perspective taking - you are catastrophizing - tell yourself it could have been worse, count your blessings, look at how much more poorly others did (social comparison positive or negative), self-handicapping, denial, exception, Iʼll get a tutor Coping - coping can be cognitive or behavioural - coping can be avoidance or approach - the basic definition of coping is behavioural and cognitive efforts to manage environmental and/or internal demands and conflicts among them which are appraised as taxing or exceeding a persons resources - coping and the outcomes of coping are completely different - itʼs important not to confuse how someone is coping with the results of that coping - how could cope and how well you believe you are coping is different - subjective judgment of coping effectiveness - sometimes it doesnʼt really matter how you cope, just the fact that you do cope - how do you distinguish between everyday ordinary behaviour and coping - do you believe coping must be effortful? - the whole topic of coping has gotten divided into a number of different modes of coping that go into more detail beyond avoidance and approach - there is also problem-focused and emotion-focused coping - problem-focused coping is where you try to take steps to manage/tolerate/reduce the stressor - the practical steps - only possible when there is something you can do to control the problem - emotion-focused coping - we always have to deal with managing our emotions, emotional self-regulation - people who engage in problem-focused coping have better psychological outcomes than people who engage in minimizing/distracting/avoiding Thursday, March 14, 2013 PSYC*3690 Community Mental Health Lecture #17 Video # 1 - looking for appraisals and coping strategies - sunlight will burn her - suffers zero durma pigmentosum - XP - her body canʼt repair cells from ultra violet light - 8 third degree burns before she was 6 months old - threat - she will have skin cancer and eye problems - practical coping - tinted windows, only goes outside at night - short-term threat - going to school for 40 minutes - coping - has gloves, had, face guard and a blanket over her - husband at first was in denial - would rip down the blankets - she got another burn on her face - there was nothing they could do to help her - no control - took a second mortgage on their house and founded the XP society - big threat - can cause neurological problems - created a camp where the kids play inside during the day while parents talk about the disease - mutual support - the kids go outside and play when it is dark - hard to look into the future and see how hard their lives will be - threat - you ca tell which ones are going to make it and which ones arenʼt - threat - camp is fun but it is not the answer - secondary appraisals - there is an answer in modern medicine - from now protecting her from light is the only way to prevent skin cancer - research found that XP patients cells cannot repair themselves - identified the gene that causes it, gene therapy may hold the cure - a cure is obtainable - her way of coping is crusading for a cure with her foundation - finding the positive - katie wasnʼt sad when she went to school she was happy, it was a great day for her she had fun - it will take $700,000 for research for a cure Discussion After the Movie - going back and forth between what they can control and what they canʼt control - even when the stressor is uncontrollable as a stressor, they can fall back on other goals that are controllable - we have such a need to exercise control that we will almost always find something we can try to manipulate or do - trying to protect her from the light in various ways and also trying to build a support system for themselves and other people effected with the disease - Camp Sundown - whole idea is try to normalize the kids life - support system for the parents, tons of empathy and information given - even though they are strangers they very likely embrace each other immediately - people who donʼt have a child with XP may be super understanding but itʼs not the same - showed other parents pictures that they wouldnʼt normally show to people - establishing the camp is a way of coping in itself, at least they are making something good out of something bad - the camp was also a source of appraisal - it is now a secondary appraisal resource - also learn about other threats - lots of information seeking which was approach focused and problem focused coping - father begins with denial - acceptance is a huge part of coping - the mother talks about helping the child accept the fact that she has this - underst
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