PSYC 3690 Lecture Notes - Eternal Sin, Side Effect, Guelphs And Ghibellines

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Published on 14 Apr 2013
University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Tuesday, April 2, 2013
PSYC*3690 Community Mental Health Lecture #22
- guest speakers Bob and Lillian
- describe their experience and what has made a difference for you in the mental health
- was ill in 32
- no anticipation that anything would change in life
- worked for an alarm company, operating supervisor
- worked behind bullet-proof windows and carried a job - lots of responsibility
- adapted when young to become autonomous as much as possible
- self-sufficient
- what a contradiction to mental health
- idea was if you want something done right you have to do it yourself
- before became mentally ill, never studied in high school, was exempt from exams (was
easy to do)
- went to college twice studying millwrite and electronics
- the understanding of mental health as evolved
- was very ill
- while was ill wasnʼt really there - very surreal, not in own skin
- have reflections of what he recalls
- in the hospital at Homewood and doctor said he was very ill, trying to understand why
he was there, thought everything was normal
- he said you have schizophrenia
- movie - Cybil was a story of a young girl who was abused and had a number of
different personalities, based on a true story
- reflected on the movie, thought thatʼs what schizophrenia was
- didnʼt believe it, didnʼt understand why he was locked up
- knew that spiritually something was happening with him
- these guys are trying to put me under a big seal and do away with me
- very paranoid of being poisoned
- in the hospital see the psychiatrist for 2 minutes and makes a diagnosis in those 2
minutes and prescribe medication
- for follow-up for medication, not going to pay a lot of attention to symptoms so much
as to whether things are better or worse
- as far as side-effects you donʼt even realize whether something is a side-effect or an
experience youʼre going to
- that first hospitalization was followed by more than 24 hospitalizations with different
- took a very long time to accept that he had a mental illness or what the diagnosis was
- what might have helped was if someone said how were things a year ago for you and
how are things going for you now and if they ask what are you thinking about
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- what they would ask is how are you feeling today? because paranoid may say fine,
mostly everything in the setting was by observation
- one of the biggest symptom of schizophrenia is delusion - something that is not
accepted by 97% of the population agrees is based on reality
- believed he had some kind of spiritual mandate because when he was working at the
alarm company he experienced a personal tragedy - brother committed suicide
- got a phone call on the police line and was told that he needed to call home
- brother had hung himself in jail
- was living out in calgary, brother was in guelph
- decided to come back, first thing did was wanted to find out more about what
happened with brotherʼs suicide
- bothered mother quite a bit because in the paper there were a lot of articles
- normally there is a conclusion about the death, but there were always so many phone
calls years later from his friends
- there was always something in the paper for a while year
- family was somewhat dysfunctional, mother was dependent on alcohol and parents
had split when in grade 9 or 10
- biggest part of life was they were isolated, socially not connected with anyone but
family and children services and the court system
- all of them never really invited people home, all had the sense that the home was not a
place to entertain
- one of the reasons he thought he should become autonomous - couldnʼt depend on
someone else
- spirituality of brotherʼs death - raised in a very roman catholic way, read the bible
- had in his mind how God would react to his brothers suicide (considered an
unforgivable sin
- if could stay awake 20 hours a day, he would be reading the bible, found lots of things
that drew him into different perceptions
- biggest thing that happened was that he discovered he could not prove what God
would and would not forgive
- hoped he would find relief in it and found no relief
- whole perception changed - could pick out by a persons face if they were happy, if he
walked into a store and be mindful of whatʼs going on around and if people were
looking at him he would get paranoid they were following him, thought they knew what
he was thinking, reading into environment, thought he was an agent to find out if his
brother was forgiven
- called terms of reference
- seeing meaning in things that are not meaningful but you can interpret it to be that way
- we all do that to some degree
- magnify deja vu in all areas - iʼm the centre of the universe thatʼs looking in on me and
playing games in my experience
- weʼre not so connected that things happen for a reason - canʼt believe that things will
be okay and no harm can come to you
- if youʼre paranoid and think someone wants to hurt you you interpret the world
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