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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

1 Lecture One: Jan. 8 • 'Twas a dangerous cliff poem- the theme of the poem and this course is prevention. • What can we do to prevent people from periods of problematic functioning (stress, depression, etc.) • Risk processes and protective processes • Final (40%) not cumulative (major concepts but not readings) • Midterm (35%) Feb 26th in class (short answer, 50% lecture, 50% readings) • Term Paper (25%) March 28th by 4:45pm (10 pages), a 1 page outline due Feb 7th or earlier. Scholarly articles or legitimate websites. Take Home Questions: 1. Biggest risk factor for suicide? Availability of fire arms, the means. 2. What percent of the community could be diagnosed with clinical depression? 14-16% is clinically depressed in North America 3. What makes people become mentally ill? The root of a mental illness can be anything that may have disrupted ones life dramatically or traumatically. Such as a non- normative death, such as a parent, or a negative perspective of something personal, like body image, etc. Biological, psychological, environmental or social. 4. How would you define mental health? (What are the signs of mental health) distorted perspective or untrue perspective of something personal that may cause feeling of sadness, anxiety, hatred of oneself. Chemical imbalance, isolation, extreme emotion (mood swings). Lecture Two: Jan 10 • Issues with mental health are that many people who are clinically mentally ill do not seek help * Early intervention is KEY (prevention) 1. Characteristics of Positive Mental Health? Emotional stability/ regulation (the primary goals of coping with stress is to manage emotions so they do not cripple, or minimize your perspective), subjective happiness/ quality of life, absence of any disease or healthy and effective coping skills and personal resources, self esteem and self acceptance (identities), ability to interpret life events in a positive way(trait optimism), limited dependency, resilience (coping to get through challenge without disease), self efficacy (being confident you can do it) 2. Social Skills and Ties of Mental Health (external)? Strong support networks (not all are supportive and positive), reality testing and rational responses, logical reasoning, positive feedback about the appropriateness of behaviors, looks, feelings, etc., self understanding (knowing the meaning of your feelings), self care skills and motiv
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