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September 19th Notes

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

th Sept 19 2013 What sort of factors might we be interested in as potential risk factors and how do we find them? 1. Designs for epidemiological research—aims to identify risk and protective factors a. Case-control design (cross-sectional) i. Two groups of people 1. Has the disorder (cases) 2. Don’t have the disorder (controls) ii. We try and match the two groups on all variables, other than the disorder itself iii. Goal is to identify factors that are present among the cases and absent among the controls (i.e. risk factors) iv. If we find out hypothesis is correct, the factors become hypothesized and likely risk factors b. Cohort-Design (longitudinal/prospective) i. Two groups 1. Have the risk factors 2. Don’t have risk factors ii. Once again you try to match the groups as much as possible on everything other than the risk factor(s) iii. Both groups are healthy at the beginning of the study (the one group has the risk factors but not any disorder) iv. Goal is to determine how strongly the risk factors predict the illness (incidence of the disorder) v. This is the relative risk ratio (how much more likely you are to get a disease/disorder) 2. Frameworks fo
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