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September 17th Notes

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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

th Sept 17 2013 1. How do you establish the true prevalence of mental disorders in the world? a. There is an imbalance between the number of people who have a clinical disorder and the number of mental health professionals b. Contact all mental health practitioners and facilities and get their statistics c. This will not be effective because a ton of people don’t seek help d. Take a random sample of the population and survey them e. Self report measures are not as valid as a face to face diagnostic interview f. We do both—we select a very large representative sample of the population for self report interviews and randomly select a smaller group for diagnostic interviews g. We need diagnostic tools that are short, acceptable to the public, and valid h. If you base need on prevalence, there will never be enough mental health practitioners—this is different from the demand for mental health practitioners i. Non professionals (also called para-professionals) have been imported into the mental health treatment system where they provide a lot of the service for clients that are having problems in living, this could mean major life changes, divorce, and other common yet stressful life problems j. People with serious mental health disorders are being treated by the highly trained professionals k. Crisis lines, drop-in support centres, short-term focus therapy based on adjustment problems, hot lines l. EAP services—employee assistance services; big companies offer these 2. Summary of main principles of mental health services a. Emphasis on fast service delivery—people don’t have waiting lists b. Emphasis on non traditional manpower to reach out to more people and provide them assistance c. Emphasis on community based care d. Emphasis on populations or groups at risk by virtue of their common exposure to stressors/adversity/coping challenges i. Teen moms ii. Family caregivers of people with dementia
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