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September 10th Notes

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

th Sept 10 2013 What is Mental Health? (class participation)  absence of mental health  emotional self-regulation  good coping skills  ability to withstand life stressors  positive support network  social skills and supportive and normal ties  subjective state of well being?  Self acceptance and self-understanding  Trauma free  Acceptable role functioning  Appropriate processing of environment (reality testing)  Sense of control (actual or cognitive)  Sense of purpose (meaningful goals)  Sense of future possibilities (hopefulessness)  Sense of personal growth and development What is Mental Health? (lecture notes) 1. Self acceptance a. High scorer: possesses a positive attitude toward the self; acknowledges and accepts multiple aspects of self including good and bad qualities, feels positive about past life b. Low scorer: feels dissatisfied with self, is disappointed with what has occurred in past life, is troubled about certain personal qualities, wishes to be different than what he or she is 2. Positive relations with others a. High scorer: has warm, satisfying, trusting relationships with others, is concerned about the welfare of others; capable of strong empathy affection and intimacy, understands give and take of human relationships b. Low scorer: has few close, trusting relationships with others, finds it difficult to be warm, open and concerned about others, is isolated and frustrated in interpersonal relationships, is not willing to make compromises to sustain important ties with others 3. Autonomy a. High scorer: is self-determining and independent, is able to resist social pressure to think and act in certain ways, regulates behaviour from within; evaluates self by personal standards b. Low scorer: is concerned about the expectations and evaluations of others; relies on judgments of others to make important decisions, conforms to social pressures to think and act in ce
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