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September 12th Notes

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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

th Sept 12 2013 What is Community mental health as a field or practice? 1. Where did it come from? a. Psychoactive medical development i. In 1950s and 60s the medications were developed for people struggling with mental disorders, very little scientific knowledge ii. when medications became available, peoples symptoms decreased and it allowed peple to receive talking therapy iii. some of the medications had adverse side effects, and therefore other meds had to be taken to relieve those symptoms iv. people complain that meds were wrong, they were still in trial, some meds work for some people and not others v. refusal to take medication on the basis that people don’t want to acknowledge that they have a disorder b. Deinstitutionalization i. If your going to treat someone in the community, their symptoms must be under greater control; people are being treated on out- patient basis or in general hospitals ii. In the 60s there were a number of investigations against mental hospitals from journalists and doctors iii. There was evidence that there was absolutely no active treatment going on in the facilities—that the facilities were ‘warehouses’ for the mentally ill iv. They took custody of people and kept them behind locked doors, the conditions were repulsive v. Pseudo-patient studies—journalist pretends to have mental health symptoms to get admitted into the mental health hospital; staff
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