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Lecture 12

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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Community mental Health lecture 12 October 15 2013 In the chatper by Olds et al on the “parental/Early infancy project” for low income unmarried teenaged mothers an ecological perspective guided the intervention. This means that the intervention operated at three levels, with three corresponging sets of activities. What3 levels of intervention were pursued and provide one example of an activity conducted at each level.(3) Contrast Markman et al 1988 article on the prevention of marital distress with wolfe et al 1988 article on the prevention of child abuse and neglect with respect to the following The intervention classification using the framework of universal selective and indicated intitiatives. Briefly explain the classification you selected for each of the two intercventions (2) Protective factors can intervene to reduce the risk of suicide  Need to have timely and affective clinical programs and services that are easily accessible  Restrictions on highly lethal methods of suicide o Guns/firearms  Social support o Family o Friends FYI o Any relationships that involve trust and caring  Problem solving skills o Learned through instruction or modeling  Cultural religious beliefs that discourage or supports suicide  Ability to live with uncertainty  Self awareness  A positive outlook  Empathy for others  Having goals and aspirations  Ability to maintain a balance between independence and dependence on others  Appropriate use of or abstinence from substances like alcohol and drugs  A sense of humour  A sense of duty to others or self , depending on the culture Relationship factors  Parenting that meets the childs needs  Appropriate emotional expression and parental monitoring within the family FYI  Social competence  The presence of a positive mentor and role models  Meaningful relationships with others at school, home and perceived social support  Peer group acceptance Community factors  Opportunities for age appropriate work  Avoidance of exposure to violence in ones family, community and with peers  Government provision for children’s safety, recreation, housing and jobs when they are at the ap
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