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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

Mental Health Lecture October 10 2013 How do you respond to someone who talks about suicide? Ineffective  Many people may minimize it as a passing set of thoughts  People may actually walk away because it make you uncomfortable  Making it about the listener instead of the suicidal person  Catastrophizing it  Being too emotional o Could make it less on the suicidal individual Effective  Don’t beat around the bust, be serious and ask serious questions  Don’t take a chance, o Make suggestions to go see someone  Maybe say you will go with them  Don’t shut the other person down o Encourage the individual to talk more about what they are thinking and feeling o DO NOT TRY TO BE A THERAPIST Suicide in Canada  Rate per 100,000 in Canada in 2010 o 2000-2001-males 18/100,000 o 2002 17.7/100,00 o 2003 17.8/100,000 o This is because they use more lethal methods  20% firearms  46%hanging  20%poisioning  14%other o Females  3%firearms  37%hanging  42% poising’s  18% other  Jumping, etc. o Men are more “successful”, o Woman have more attempts o 40-44 years of old is the highest point  This is when you have the most demands on you  Career, family, income, volunteer activities etc. o 500/100,000 people in 2000 committed suicide o Order highest to lowest rate per province  Quebec  Ontario  British Colombia  Alberta  Manitoba  Saskastawn  New Brunswick  Nova scotia  Newfoundland  Etc. o Suicide death rates per age group for males  First nations almost 120/100,000  Youth 15-24 years of age  Native is almost double to triple that of non native o Can barely keep up with the number of military soldiers who return and take their lives  It is an EPIDEMIC MARKERS OF CULTURAL CONTINUITY o Michael chandler  Found relationship between rate of suicide and the number of cultural continuity factors in the local native communities  The more the local aboriginal community has control over itself and exercises control in a way that is faithful
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