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Lecture 6

Community Mental Health lecture 6.docx

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3710
Frank Cameron

September 26 2013 Community Mental Health Lecture 6 This weeks stress levels of the class 10 28 322 425 513 67 71 Are these programs one of the following? Universal ,selective and indicative Primary/secondary/tertiary Universal selective Indicative screening individual groups (i.e. males) Primary Secondary Tertiary (least preventive of the 3 levels) 1. Programs where employees are going to retire in the next 12 months a. 6 week were you meet with a human resource professional were you talk about the transition into retirement b. Goal ensure a smooth transition out of workplace and into retirement i. Must be concerned about how to prepare people for that  Selective because the group is known to be at risk for maladjustment due to the transition to retirement  People that are type A are risk factors  People who are about to retire are risk factors as they stress about their finances  Some employees are at risk because they will loose all of their social ties (greater risk factor for males)  Extent to which you are committed (more risk factor for men base a lot of their self esteem on their relationship with their col
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