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University of Guelph
PSYC 4600
Dan Meegan

thJanuary 12 2012Chapter 1 Introduction PsychologyThe study of behaviour Cognitive Psychology more specificallyThe study of cognitive behaviour orThe study of the mind Neuroscientific reductionism taking something were interested in and reducing it to its elemental componentsMindBrainMaterialism scientific explanation are grounded in physical elementsMonism compared to dualism where its believed that mind is separate from the physical and cannot be reduced only to physical Monism believe mind and body are one dualists believe theyre not Cognitive NeuroscienceThe study of the mind assuming neuroscientific reductionism mindbrain Cognitive Neuroscience Aims 1 Reduce cognitive behaviour to its neural basis cN with a capital N Reductionism where the emphasis is on deducing to physical 2 Understand organization of mind using neuroscientific methods Cn with a capital C More traditional cognitive psychologists interested more in cognition Potential benefitsOther than science for sake of sciencecN eg better understanding of functional neuroanatomy improves diagnosistreatment of brain damageCn better understanding of mindEducation Improve cognitive performanceConsumer behaviour Persuasionetc Reductionism vs DualAspectpp 45DualAspect theoryStill monistic only believing in the physicalTwo levels of description mindbrainNeuroscientific progress will not eliminate need for mind level descriptions Reductionism vs DualAspectYour opinions
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