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PSYC 4600
Dan Meegan

ndFebruary 2 2012 Lesion Methods Lesion definition removing tissue from the braina build up of blood in a contained space with limited excess space like the skull will damage surrounding tissue Lesions 2 types Actual pp 7991 may or may not usually not reversibleVirtual pp 91100 introducing artificial electrical stimulation preventing a part of the brain from functioning normally for a period of time Virtual lesions are reversible and not considered dangerousNeuropsychology actual lesionsrefers to humans and specifically means studying the behavioural consequences of brain damage in practiceCognitive Neuroscience Aims 1 Reduce cognitive behaviour to its neural basis cN with a capital N 2 Understand organization of mind using neuroscientific methods Cn with a capital C cN vs Cn p 79cNclassical neuropsychology more to do with functional neuro basis of behaviour this part of the brain is responsible for behaviour xCncognitive neuropsychology more interested in the organization of the mind eg the behavioural consequences of lesions Classical neuropsychologyMap function to structure cognitive function X disrupted by damage to structure X Structural neuroimaging ie locating lesion its important to know where the lesion is physically even if youre only relating a particular behaviour to having a lesionGroup studies as opposed to case studiessample sizes are very small especially when particular lesion areas are desired for researchGroup StudiesLesionDeficit Analysis pp 8791Grouping by lesion location in the brain All patients have lesion to same region of interest ROIDamage not exclusive to ROI nonROI damage differs from patienttopatientROI often identified using functional neuroimagingImaging alone prevents causal conclusionsExample CerebellumCognitionBefore PETfMRICerebellar damage most obvious symptoms were motor deficits
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