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Dan Meegan

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thFebruary 28 2012thfrom Feb 16 we talked about the movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly talked about fMRI as communication for vegetative patients CBC radio interviews and Adrien Owens researchSpecial Topic 1 Mind Reading and BrainComputer Interfaces TextbookMind ReadingIs Big Brother Round the Corner 7475how mind reading could be used for negative purposesBrainComputer InterfacesCould Neural Activity in the Primary Motor Cortex be Used to Guide a Prosthetic Limb 156157 Mind ReadingCan we know whats going on in the mind cognitionthoughts of an individual based on herhis brain activity alone This is whats defined as mind readingVIDEO 13 minhttpwwwcbsnewscomvideowatchid4697682n Mind Reading HistoryBefore Pattern Analysiswe used to just look at groups of voxels 3Dvolume measurement of brain activitythat were activated at one time compared to another timestimulusPattern Analysis now we look at groups of voxels across different regions of the brain This is good because any one thought will have activity in different areas throughout the brain so its easier to decipher between a pattern with one or two similar voxel activity levels compared to multiple groups of voxels with the same activity level Pattern analysis looks at not only where activity occurs but also how much activity level there is cf activity or no activity Before Pattern Analysispp 7475Example OCravenKanwisher 2000Visual ProcessingBrain ActivityDifferent classes of objects activate somewhat different brain regionsBrain ActivityVisual ProcessingCan activity then be used to determine what participant is viewing
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