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University of Guelph
PSYC 4600
Dan Meegan

stJanuary 31 2012 Neuroimaging Methods NeuroimagingStructural pp 4951Relevant to cognitive neuroscience CN especially for identifying locus of human lesions for neuropsychology lesions are usually not reversiblethis is why only animals are tested using this type of research unless a human has an ailment affecting their brain already that requires surgerylesioninvasive proceduresFUNCTIONAL pp 51Measure physiological changes corresponding to changes in cognitive processingFunctional neuroimaging LimitationsMeasures correlation not causationneuroimaging is basically a correlation technique only Activity could be 1 optional observed activity would occur regardless of teststimulation because its coming from activation in another region than the one being measured So youre observing something you dont mean to 2 a byproduct instead of causal Converging methodsNeuroimagingactivity associated with cognitive function X in regions ABCognitive NeuropsychologyDamage to area including A but excluding B no deficit in XDamage to area including AB severe deficit in XConclusionB essential for X regardless of whether its damaged or not Functional NeuroimagingBlood circulation PETfMRI parts of the brain require more bloodoxygen when they are active so measuring the amount of blood to a particular area tells us about their level of activityfunction at a given time or during a given taskGlucose metabolism Dopamine synthesis etc PET uses radioactive substances in the blood stream and tracks it Glucose and dopamine can also be put into the blood and are important for circulating oxygen so they are also good tracers to use
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