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University of Guelph
PSYC 4600
Dan Meegan

thJanuary 19 2012Chapters 3 4 5 Methods of Cognitive NeuroscienceEEG records brain activity vs TMS which stimulates brain activity Resolution pp 910Temporal neural events over time high temporal resolution would be able to pinpoint neural activitySpatiallike image resolution on a computer eg400 x 400 pixels height and width Temporal resolutionThe accuracy with which a technique can measure when an event occursHighreal timeMeasured in millisecondsLowdelayedMeasured in seconds Spatial resolutionThe accuracy with which a technique can measure where an event occursHighlevel of neuronMediummeasured in mm3Lowmeasured in cm3 or greater Resolutiontemporal resolution on the x axis and spatial on the y axis High is bad low is goodsingle unit recording is the gold standard The slower and more large scale tests require blood flow which is why they can take longer Chapter 3 Electrophysiological methods Three methodsSinglecell recording SCR also called Single unit recording as seen on graph above Electroencephalography EEG synonymous with ERP on graph above for research purposes not so for diagnosticshealth careMagnetoencephalography MEG ResolutionSCRSpatial HighTemporal HighEEGERPSpatial LowTemporal HighMEGSpatial MediumTemporal High Singlecell recordingSurgically expose brain surfacethe most invasive procedure as it involves removing the skullInsert microelectrode in or near neuronRecord electrical activity OR stimulate electrical activity
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