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Lecture 1

SOAN 2040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Marilyn Waring, Caribbean Community, Free Trade Area Of The Americas

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2040
Natalie Rose

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Globalization of Work and Organization
Yates: Chapter One
Yates lays out some of the problems with classical economic theory and states the goals of his
To provide readers with a good understanding of the capitalist system and the position of
workers in it.
To stimulate further interest in the topic.
To encourage people to take action/ to change the world.
Yates: Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism
Feudal manors become private property:
Society is divided into a landowning class and a landless class
Violence by propertied class or newly formed governments in service of the landowners.
Expansion tendencies through colonialism and imperialism.
Three features of capitalist economies (Yates):
Means of production (non human, land machines, factories etc)
Human labour power for sale (proletariat or working class)
Organized and controlled by owners and driven by profit motive
Definitions of globalization
Interconnected set of processes that exhibit the following tendencies:
-Globalization refers to an interconnected set of processes
Tendency toward a single global economy
Tendency toward cultural homogeneity
Tendency toward uniform political ideology
Increasing interconnectedness and interdependence
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