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SOAN 2111 Lecture Notes - Putting-Out System, Factory System, Word Formation

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

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October 31, 2012
British Enlightenment: Smith, Macaulay and Wollstonecraft
- many writers sought to find a new basis of order
I. Context: Industrial Revolution
a. Intro to industrial revolution and other social forces in the
development of sociological theory
- people became aware that their world was not an inevitable fate, but a
society created by and serving the interests of human beings
- Social Conditions and Political Revolutions
o trying to find a new order in society that would be for the better
o interest in social order was very extreme at this time
- The Industrial Revolution and Rise of Capitalism
o Not just a single event but many interrelated developments that
culminated in the industrial world
o Industrial revolution involved from the western world to the
ovewheliming industrial system
o Many people left farms for work
o Few people profited greatly while people worked long hours for low
o Reaction against industrial system and capitalism in general followed
to a labour movement as well as to various radical movements that
were trying to overthrow the capitalist system
o Involved sociologists greatly Marx, Durkheim, Weber, kind of
- Rise of Socialism
o Karl Marx favoured this
o Solution to all the industrial problems
o Many theorists opposed the rise of socialism
o On one side, Karl Marx who was very interested in the overthrow of
the capitalist system and was a huge supporter of it
Spent a great deal of time criticizing aspects of capitalist
o Weber and Durkheim opposed to socialism
Saw the problems of the capitalist system but rather than
revolution, they looked for social reform
- Religious Change
o Within religious lives, sociologists wished to improved peoples lives
and wished to do so by writing about religion
- The Growth of Science
o Many early sociologists wanted to model sociology after the successful
physical and biological sciences
- The French Revolution and Industrial Revolution
o Nisbett the Two Revolution
o Words rich period of word formation
Proletariat, conservative, democracy, equality, bourgeoisie,
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