SOAN 2111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Factory System, Industrial Revolution, Individualism

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SOAN 2111 Week 8 Lecture 12
Monday October 30th 2017
Scientists and theorists were focused on areas that were being
improved because of the industrial revolution
1. Condition of labour
2. Transformation of property
3. Industrial city
4. Technology
5. Factory system
A Experiet of a Bird i a Air Pup…
Image: People looking at a bird, experiments, shocking, optimistic, spiritual
experience, seeing god, aw, reason is a new touchstone for civilized
“ietist is looig oer his eperiet, assuig the role of the
great agiia rigig the ird ak to life
Nocturnal lighting: underscores death but introduces light (Science
bring light and knowledge into a world of ignorance)
Science has begun to replace religion.
Utilitarianism is the view that any action is good if it leads to human
happiness, and bad if it stands in the way of happiness
Utilitarian theory is commonly associated with atheism and immorality
or at best with everyone for self-ethics. Still some of its originators
were concerned with morality (McDonald)
The great dilemma lies in reconciling individual and social advantage
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