SOAN 2111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: French Revolution, Mary Wollstonecraft, Lynn Mcdonald

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SOAN 2111 Week 8 Lecture 13
Friday November 3rd 2017
Catherine Macaulay
Educated at home (a good education given by her uncle, roman
history, virtues of the republic)
Married to a physician (passed away a few years later)
Met George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
Major Literary Contribution
Major contribution to methodologist (Social science methodology)
Contribution to the Social Sciences
Work of John Locke (Experience is knowledge)
Set out a comprehensive proposal for a liberal education based on
Lokea priiples. Holdig that eperiee… is the ol effiaious
o Bos didt hae rights to ertai tpes of eduatio ad aess
to certain activities (there were stereotypes)
o Boys and girls are molded by society into separate entities
Outlined the nature of experience; non-sexist approach to education
(unlike Rousseau)
o Human identity
Believed in the empiricist concept of sympathy in human nature
o Moral sentimentality
Model environmentalist- Huas ad aials are all part of reatio,
in which humans, thanks to their special gifts, have social
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