SOAN 2111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Structural Functionalism, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Age Of Enlightenment

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SOAN 2111 Week 9 Lecture 15
Wednesday November 8th 2017
Human Rights and the French Enlightenment
The atural rights of the itize
o Campaign against censorship, freedom of the press
o Morals, religion and politics- fighting for the freedom of thought
Fought for the absolution of slavery and more humane treatment of
o Rights that everyone is entitled to because they are born
Women were extremely active in the fight against the old regime
o Until the French revolution, rights of the citizen were for men
o Demanded changes in marriage/divorce laws
Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
Feeling rather than reason
o Virtue and goodness and what makes people happy
o Basis for the approach to politics
o Defended the value of emotions (we lose touch with it when we
try to fit in with society)
o Problems stem from shutting down emotions
Believed that the aristocratic people were betraying
o Rousseau wanted to strive for the perfectibility of man
o Freedom and power over own lives
o Understand the Laws of nature
o The current way of life did not match our values
Discourse on the Arts and Sciences
o Argues that they degraded man
o We need to develop civilization in accordance to our morals
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