SOAN 2111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Nature Religion, Pubic Hair, Evil Eye

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SOAN 2111
October 8, 2014
Burning at the Stake Movie
- Women’s power was plagued with death
- Taught to fear the witch but still drawn to her power
- A time where the cauldron was the symbol of life and the magical power of women
- Taught to fear women’s power – it is something evil
- 85% of those killed for the crime of witchcraft were women
- Between the 15th and 17th century thousands were burned at the stake
- This was the women’s holocaust
- 9 million women died over 300 years
- Everywhere in Europe Church’s were built over pagan shrines, goddesses were turned
into saints
- Mary (mother of Jesus) was seen as a goddess at one time
- A whole civilization came together over a 100 year period and built hundreds of church’s
in worship of Mary
- Two religions
oThe elite, Catholic religion
oThe religion of the people of France (still includes much goddess religion, nature
religion, religion of spirits)
- Joan of Arc
o1429 lead the French to victory
o2 years later was killed as a witch by the same church that called her a saint
oHer faith was deeply rooted in the old religion (nature, goddesses, spirits, etc.)
oIn her time, the Church was increasingly rigid because of the changes taking
placing in modern society
- Four thousands of years women were the physicians of the people
- The Church detested the women for getting the privilege of birthing life
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