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SOAN 2112 Lecture Notes - Protestantism, Rational Agent

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

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SOAN 2111/2 February 27, 2013
- Inner tensions with family eldest of seven children had a mother who was
a strict protestant he became a lawyer and a dueler economist and
studied philosophy
- Suffered from mental breakdown when his father died
- His most important work is the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
this was the most well known and important 1906, he also did major work
on industry 1905 and 1909 - on social psychology looking at the lives of
factory workers
- Participated at many political feedings
- 1910 became the co-founder of the German Sociological societies
- World War I broke out he volunteered for service
o He ran nine military hospitals
o Wrote and sought to influence gov’t officials and attacked the conduct
of war
- 1918-1919 science as a vocation and politics as a vocation
- his contributions are emmence framework for research and instruction
religion, politics, history, economy unique insight into modern world and
it’s evolution and central and Weber’s major points is the ideal of
rationalization consequences of rationalization for modern life where he
talked about our modern life being a “iron cage” – people are trapped in this
cage modernity has created a technical as opposed to cultural character
type we are a rational actor
Money for Nothing (continued from weeks ago…) (applies to Marx)
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