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Lecture 2

SOAN2112 Lecture 2: SOAN 2112 - Documentary

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

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SOAN 2112
- Country that is 90% white and 10% black
- Ask parents to stay up late to watch this show (it was like it was
something forbidden)
- Became a national phenomenon as everyone watch it together –
it was something that was real
- Some people do not realize that slavery has a legacy of racism
- It was too painful to show things that they did not want too
- Getting treated like animals makes them have a lower self worth
- Everyone was hopeless regardless as how great of a warrior they
- Misinformation of the slaves of the South
- Forms of torture, being tied up and beaten, no food or water
- Roots is responsible for opening the relations of race and
ethnicity in this country
- Children taken away from mothers and fathers
- As a man you couldn’t do anything, you had to swallow your
pride and just watch
- Some were not aware of how deep some feelings were; and
some stopped going to school
- Whites saw black people di7erently at this time
- Blacks have a great deep culture that some never took notice of
- We all have roots and history
- You cannot deny the existence of human beings
- Helped change our perceptions
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