SOAN 2120 Lecture Notes - Nomothetic, Exogeny

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Published on 26 Jan 2013
Monday Jan. 21st 2013 Lecture
Characteristics of research
1. research originates with a question or problem
2. research requires a clear articulation of a goal
3. it follows a specific plan or procedure
4. it usually divides the principal problem, into more manageable sub-problems
5. is guided by the specific research problem, question or hypothesis
6. it accepts certain assumptions
7. requires the collection and interpretation of data in an attempt to resolve the
problem that initiated the research
8. research is by its nature, cyclical or more exactly helical
-scientific explanations rest on the idea that events and conditions have causes
-a language of variables
-dependent variable (effect) is explained by the presence of the independent
variable (cause)
-in social science, a cause is not necessarily followed by an effect
-causation models in social science are often probabilistic
Finding causes in social science
-find reasons why observe something
-not enough to attribute cause to “choice”
-must explain why different choices are made
-example: education and prejudice
-can discover the factors and modify them
-slopes and graphs
-we need to define our variables
-they comes from what we call concepts
-variables are concepts which share a special relationship within our theories
Independent Variables
Dependent variable
-the explaining variable (the cause)
The explained variable (effect)
The exogenous variable
The endogenous
Has impact upon another variable
Is being impacted upon
The variable that is depended on
Depends on another variable
Represented by x
Represented by y
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