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SOAN 2120 Lecture Notes - Descriptive Statistics, Analysis Of Variance

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2120
David Walters

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November 1, 2012 SOAN 2120
Final Project
Things you know…
- your data
- structure (intro, methods, results, conclusion)
- selling the ‘front-end’ and the ‘back-end’
- how to use SPSS qualitative variables (cross tabs)
- how to use SPSS quant/qualitative variable (ANOVA)
- recoding data
Things you may know or have left to learn…
- How to reference and find relevant research
- Descriptive statistics (means and proportions)
- Statistical analysis (quantitative variables)
- Creating tables
- Test Number 2 Review
- Use the teaching assistant (last classes notes…)
Today… Survey Research continued (Chapter 6)
Number one: Create your own Survey
- create your own survey
- time consuming (create questions, sampling design, interview, coding the
data, dealing with errors)
- Ideally you will want a large random sample: costly (time and money)
- Convenience
- Small non-representative samples
- Implications for publishing
Number two(A): Use Existing Datasets
- very cost effective
- most of the work is done for you
- large surveys (probability sample)
- probably tried and test
- publishable
- availability of questions (limited to questions they decided to ask their
original intentions)
Number two (B): Data Resource Centre (DRC)
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