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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

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Survey Research
Used often as mode of observation
Select a sample of respondents and give them a standardized questionnaire
Used for descriptive, explanatory, and exploratory purposes
Best method for collecting original data for describing a population too large to observe directly
Surveys Ask About:
A Few Introductory Tips
Make items clear
o Concise, precise and unambiguous language
Closed ended questions should be mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive
Begin with easy and interesting questions
o Save most threatening questions for later
Keep an order of questions that will maintain the respondents interest
Questionnaires should be spread out and uncluttered
Questionnaires should contain clear instructions and introductory comments where appropriate
Pretest questionnaires in order to protect against errors
Guidelines for Survey Questions
Choose appropriate question forms
Avoid jargon, slang ,and abbreviations
Avoid ambiguity, confusion and vagueness
Avoid emotional language and prestige bias
Avoid double-barreled questions
Avoid leading questions
Respondents must be competent to answer
Respondents must be willing to answer
o Avoid questions that ppl will be reluctant or uncomfortable answering
Questions should be relevant
Short items are best
Avoid negative items
Avoid biased items and terms
Used more than 1 question if necessary
Questionnaire Construction
General questionnaire format
o Don’t put questions side by side
o Lots of white space
Formats for respondents
o Make it appealing to respondents
Contingency questions
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