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March 14th notes.docx

Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

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March 14th
Key Experimental Jargon
Independent variable
Takes a dichotomous form (present or not present)
Dependent variable on which the stimulus has some impact
Inactive treatment (substance) designed to resemble the stimulus
Basic Stages of Experimentation
Subjects are measured in terms of the DV before the stimulus or placebo is applied
Subjects are measured in terms of the DV after the stimulus or placebo is applied
Differences between the first and last measurement are then attributed to the IV (stimulus)
Type of Groups in Experiments
Experimental group
Group of subjects which is administered the stimulus
Control group
Group of subjects which is administered no stimulus
When applicable, it is administered the placebo
Helps establish whether the stimulus itself, or outside unrelated events, are having an effect on
the DV
Some types of Experimental sampling
Experimental and control groups should be as similar as possible
Probability sampling
Samples selected with probability theory, using some sort of random selection mechanism
where all members of a population have an equal chance of being selected
Unrealistic in an experimental setting due to required sample size
Randomly assigning subjects to the experimental and control groups
Purposely assigning equal numbers of individuals with similar characteristics (Race, gender, level
of education) to both groups
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