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March 21
Quantitative Analysis
Numerical representation and manipulation of observations for the purpose of describing and explaining
the phenomena that those observations reflect
Coding in Quantitative data analysis
Getting the data from the subjects into a format that we can manipulate and understand
For computers to work, you must translate your data into something that they can read
Coding schemes are guided by theory
Codebook: document that describes the location of variables within a dataset and lists the
codes assigned to the attributes composing those variables
o Primary guide used in the coding process
o Guide for location variables and interpreting codes in the data file during analysis
Eg 1 not at all stressful
2 not very stressful
3 a bit stressful
Data entry
Data entry specialists enter the data into statistical software or Excel spreadsheet
Optical scan sheets
Sometimes it is part of the process of data collection
Data cleaning
Possible-code cleaning
o Codes which have not been assigned to the attributes of a variable are removed
Contingency cleaning
o Checking that only those cases that should have data entered for a particular variable do
in fact have such data
Univariate Analysis
The examination of the distribution of cases of only one variable
Descriptive purposes
One way frequency distribution
Measures of central tendency
Measure of the ‘average or ‘typical’ value of a variable
Mode: most frequent value (> than 3 modes, may say there is no mode)
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