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SOAN Monday March 19, 2012
Questionnaire Construction
- General questionnaire format
- Formats for respondents
- Contingency questions
- Matrix questions (see these all the time ex. Restaurant comment card)
- Ordering items in a questionnaire
- Questionnaire instructions
- Pretest the questionnaire
- Changing the types of questions keeps the person reading and interested
Survey Methods
- Self-administered questionnaire most common (mail surveys) can be quite
expensive, can also be one you get people to sit down with the researcher present
(looking to get at least 50% response rate) (con = most likely to get extremes,
bias, low response rate, no place to turn to get answers)
- Phone survey common method (asks questions and records answers), advantage
= moderate cost, higher response rate if done right, interviewer can be at home or
at a call center, anonymity of the interviewer, respondent more willing to give
socially disapproved responses, interviewers able to ask questions/ disadvantages
= limited to those who have phones, population can be over - selected in one type,
random digit dialing doesn’t allow you to sub-select, miss use of the phone survey
(sensitized more likely to say no)
- Web surveys can do a lot more with them, more and more common over time,
send them an email with a link to do the survey on a specific website, used a lot in
marketing, per-purchase or per-individual, different ways to get people involved,
biggest advantages is that it can be a multimedia type thing, disadvantages = kind
of like self administered, low response rate, unrepresentative sample because of
these limitations, anonymity is hard especially if you have their email
- List of sensitive topics on table 8.2 (pg.170)
- Face-to-face interview pros = high response rate (80% or higher) with fully
responded answers, questions are easily answered, there could be a literacy issue,
interviewer is able to view respondent while answering the questions, way the
interviewer looks may cause bias better for lower end of things that are on the
list of sensitive topics
Things you don’t want to do while writing a questionnaire (on page 169 and 170)
- jargon, slang, abbreviations
- vagueness
- emotional language
- prestige bias
- Double- barreled questions
- Beliefs as real
- Leading questions
- Issues beyond respondent capabilities
- False premises
- Distant future intentions
- Double negatives
- Unbalanced responses
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