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Lecture 1

SOAN 2120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: List Of Statistical Packages, Nvivo, Standardized Test

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2120
David Walters

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SOAN 2120 Introductory Methods
Professor David Walters
SOAN 2120 Introductory Research Methods
Professor David Walters super friendly and wants to help! Prefers the name David
January 6, 2015
Midterm test Feb. 10. 25% in-class multiple choice all material from reading and lecture from the
beginning of class
Midterm test March 17. 25% multiple choice. all material in lectures and material from readings
from the first midterm on
Final Assignment 20% March 31. Research project that has a basis on the statistical analysis
from statistical software. NVIVO qualitative software; SPSS for quantitative softwaregeared for
students who have trouble with math.
Final Exam 30% April 11.
NO CALCULUS!!! It is all basic math…subtraction, addition, formulas (given) multiplication and
Most challenging will be the statistical notation.
TA’s most resourceful for the first midterm and the Final assignment.
The night before the midterm and the final assignment the Professor and the TAs will be
available for questions.
Two parts
1. Social theory
-The founding fathers of differing theories. Max Weber, Karl Marx, Emile
2. Intellectual Part
- Theoretical perspectives
- Develop theories
- Critical thinking skills
- Gain knowledge for the sake of learning
3. Research
- Most social sciences are about research
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SOAN 2120 Introductory Methods
Professor David Walters
- Develop skills for future employment
See to see potential work positions
January 8, 2015
FILM Trading Places****
SPSS is available on the library, computer labs or the 14 day trial at
We get it for free when the TAs show us how to download it.
Labs will be held to use the SPSS during class times ect.
What is Social Science?
Institutions can be religion, hospitals
Environment how it influences people and groups. The movie “Trading Places” reveals how
the environment can affect the social condition of an individual
Three men who created Sociology
Karl Marx conflict theory
- Society is oriented around conflict amongst competing groups. Class struggle of
prestige and finances. Everyone is equal.
ie Conflict theorists argue: that 90% of the university professors in the natural
science are male while 50% is female. In the end, gender distribution should be
Emile Durkheim functionalism
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