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SOAN 2120 April 2, 2012
Final = 45-50 multiple choice questions, 15-20 marks in written questions (3-5
questions sort of essayish… more paragraph), 60-70 marks total, bring a calculator
Roles of the Observer
- Complete participant (wolf infiltrating himself into biker gangs, never hid
who he was)
- Participant-as-observer
- Observer-as-participant
- Complete observer
Doing Field Research
- Preparing
- Background prep and lit review
- Informants
- Gaining entry into the group (ex. through a gatekeeper)
- Ethical concerns putting into danger yourself and others,
look at what could happen, especially in field work (extremely
- Sampling
- Ambiguousness of population and units of analysis
- Quota sampling
- Snowball Sampling
- Deviant Cases
- Purposive sampling or judgmental sampling
- non probability sampling are more likely here this is why it’s
more qualitative in nature
Asking Questions
- Unstructured interviews
- Probes
- Follow up questions, to get more information out of people. Opposite
to surveys
Recording Observations
- Field Journal / Part of Data analysis
- Empirical observations (take them as you see it)
- Interpretations
- Note Taking
- Write it down as you see it
- Include as much detail as possible, decide later what’s
- Take notes in stages
- Record everything
Setting and Selection (initial contact is very important)
- Appropriate
- Boundaries
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