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SOAN 3240
November 20th, 2012
Book Review
ASA style for citations
Mainly one citation per paragraph unless paragraph is longer
Do not need to cite outside of course material
What could a researcher do other than just simply studying their research
participants while in the field? Might their be other modes of interaction;
how he places himself in the research setting develop friendship; close
personal relationships with people; become intimate with one person;
relationships he fills with other families; extends his friendship networks
with families; researcher could be supportive
#6: if there is an armed conflict, there will be 2 or more parties; sometimes a
third party
Section 2:
o #1: describe 2 situations or examples; try to be wide ranging
throughout the book
o #2: Sandinista FSLN
o If we think about N. who oppresses people? partly due to its external
relationship with other people; can refer to other countries (being
politically oppressed by other countries); also domination within the
country; who opposed the dictatorship and how did that alter gender
relationships in the 1980s
Can talk about what the two books have in common
Authors in half the sky are journalists and Lancaster is an academist
Lancaster doesn’t pay much attention to only women
Critical appraisal: describing the strengths and weaknesses of Lancaster’s
o Be clear on which purpose you are talking about
o Every research method has strengths and weaknesses
o Thoughtful section; don’t race through it
Refer to it as a book not novel
Do not repeat any of the questions
Label it into sections
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