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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - work, globalization and the new economy

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2040
D Rose

Documentary “who’s counting” – Marilyn Waring • An oil tanker accident greatly benefits the economy of a country, without the accident there definitely would have been profit however from this tragedy there is a bigger profit created • Value in Latin means to be strong and to be worthy • As a single, 22 year old white woman she got a seat in the house -later public expenditure committee -didn’t agree with all the political and economic ideas she was learning about • Looked at the productivity of a village, at men vs women’s time use throughout the day -food preparation took them the longest due partially in part by the inefficiency of their methods (stove) • If you’re invisible as a producer then you will be invisible in the distribution • Nuclear weapons in New Zealand, simply harboured the (war)ships of the USA -left politics to focus on research about global economics • Deaths and destruction is not counted as a deficit, just as peace and protection of natural resource are not valued since they are not cash/money producing -war contributes to growth and development (military expenditure $22 thousand; education expenditure $380) • Female sexual slavery includes very young girls, most females have HIV -girls as young as 8 must learn to care for their younger siblings so their mothers do anything in their power to provide for the family -boys are expected t
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