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Lecture 9

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2040
D Rose

Globalization of work and organizations: Radical theory and movements – Netwar Zapatista Movement • 1994 uprising in Chiapas -wealthiest state in Mexico -very resource wealthy but also large population of indigenous people (Mayans) • Spokesperson: Sub comandante Marcos • Fighting for indigenous rights on behalf of colonized people – internal colonialism • Zapatistas used technology in a variety of different ways • Did not want to over throw and control the government, simply raise awareness and demand changes Background: the state of Chiapas • Social divisions in Chiapas • Colonialism and ethnic conflict as roots of confrontation • Colonial rule: 3 important concepts 1. Encomienda 2. Repartimiento 3. Debt • Hacienda system -haciendas were run like old maors, there was a slave master relations where workers were tied to the land by title/name of lord • Zapata was a leader of the revolution movement and was doing it with a sympathy for the indigenous peoples Zapatistas “We are a product of 500 years of struggle: first against slavery, then during the War of Independence against Spain…then to avoid being absorbed by North American imperialism, then to promulgate our constitution and expel the French empire from our soil…Later the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz denied us the just application of the Reform laws, and the people rebelled and leaders like Villa and Zapata emerged, poor men just like us.” Chiapas, context • Struggles against colonial power • 1867-1870 Guerra de Castas – war of the castes • 1910 Emiliano Zapata • 1947 San Juan Chamula uprising • Ongoing discrimination • Racism • Social and economic Apartheid in Chiapas • Article that dictated f indigenous peoples whose land was previously taken away would be reallocated -the US said that this kind of legislature cannot be allowed in the constitution because it violates the free trade agreement The Zapatistas • A group of armed guerrillas fighting for the rights of the “campesinos” or the Mexican peasantry • “Ejercito Zapatista de liberacion nacional” (EZLN)  or “Zapatistas” • Everyone part of the Zapatistas wear the mask in order to enforce the idea of collectivism not only to hide their identities • There is no singular leader, everyone works together for the same ideologies • Fighting for political and cultural autonomy AND economic restructuring • These kinds of movements are a different kind of threat because there is no center for the government to focus on -not a single leader to capture and eliminate; no “head” to cut off the body to stop it from functioning • Work, land, housing, food, healthcare, education, independence, liberty, democracy, justice, peace and in later declaration; culture, information, security, combating of corruption and preservation of the environment -work: people by their nature want purposive work to do, it is not in our nature to be idle -education: doesn’t refer to state imposed but education that is meaningful to the individual; meaning they want to control the ideas of education • “knowledge is power” is an ideology later added in the declaration, referred to information that was spread about you not just obtaining information • Not seeking to overthrow the state • Manifesto: solidarity with the poor, marginalized and oppressed everywhere -does not separate, segregate or discrimin
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